Top 10 most awaited gadgets

Top 10 upcoming gadgetsFrom James Bond’s larger than life gadgets of the 60s to the unmanned aircrafts of today, technology has advanced quite a lot. The involvement of technology in our daily lives has grown to such an extent that hardly a minute goes by in which we do not interact in any sort of way with a machine or gadget. Sales and usage of various gizmos like laptops, mobile devices and other communication devices has increased more than tenfold over the last five years. Recent survey shows that 80% of the tech loving younger generation check their mobile phones and face book accounts first thing in the morning after getting up! Technology is making our lives easier and more comfortable. On the other hand, it has also become a huge business for investors. Geeks flock to stores at every new release and sometimes wait up to 5 days outside shops to buy the latest phones or devices. The hype created for awaited gadgets and devices from major brands around the world, fueled by rumors and leaked photos, drive fanatics as well as casual buyers crazy with excitement and anticipation. 2011 has already seen some very big releases from Apple and Samsung. However, there are still some gadgets people are desperate to get their hands on. Following is the list of top 10 most awaited gadgets

10. Apple Ipod touch (5th generation)

Apple Ipod touch (5th generation 
After adding every possible feature in their Apple Ipod touch 4th generation including a touchscreen with a dazzling display, people thought that the Ipod had finally reached its pinnacle and could get no better. Well, they were wrong. Rumors have started circulating the web about a new soon to be released Ipod. A connection toggle switch has been added as evident by the leaked photos. This implies that the new Ipod will get 3G connectivity. This would mean unlimited text messaging at virtually no cost. The always connected status will be very useful for communication and entertainment alike. Another plus point is that this dual core A5 powered gadget can compete with the majority of smart phones in gaming as well as other apps. This would, in fact, make it a competitor of Iphone as well as Ipad. These new features are bound to push up the prices of the next Ipod Touch but that is something we will have to wait and see. It is currently at the 10th position of Top 10 most awaited gadgets.

9. Google Nexus 3

Google Nexus 3 
This time around, Google has yet again caught the attention of masses with its upcoming release of Google Nexus 3. Sporting a massive 720p HD screen, this smart phone will be running on a newly launched Ice cream Sandwich OS. Specs also boast of 1.5GHz processor and 1 GB ram. A 5MP camera is expected which is powerful enough to support 1080 HD video recording. Other than this not much is know but special features like Holographic User Interface, Speech Recognition and Face Recognition are likely to make their debut with this phone marking a new era of how people interact with their mobile devices. Google Apps store is already offering a wide variety of apps and games to keep fans busy till the new Google Nexus comes out! A Nexus tablet is also being planned to be made available soon.

8. Amazon Tablets and Amazon Kindle 4

Amazon Tablets and Amazon Kindle 4 
Amazon’s Kindle
is already a world wide hit and can be safely stated as the best selling wireless e-book reader in the world. Over the years it has constantly developed and has evolved into a high tech gadget with over 900,000 online and offline books available. The variety and availability of content for the Kindle has made it a sure winner. However, the global scenario took a turn when Apple released its tablets which have taken over almost 90% of the tablet market. Giants like HP and Motorola came up with their own versions but failed to catch the public’s eye. Amazon strategically has held back release of its newer Kindle as well as a brand new line of tablets. Apart from the high resolution display which feels and looks like real, the newer kindle is also have said to have a virtually never ending battery and free 3G connectivity global. The much awaited Amazon Android tablets are also to be launched in 7″ and 10.2″ models. They are named Coyote and Hollywood for the time being

7. Nintendo Wii u

Nintendo Wii u 
The gadget on the 7th spot of the Top 10 most awaited gadgets list is no longer a rumor now. Nintendo introduced its latest console to the world at the Electronics Expo 2011. It is now official and Nintendo has beaten all its contenders in releasing a newer generation console. An IBM multi core microprocessor enables this console to display 3D images at 1080 HD. The most notable addition is 6.2″ resistive touch screen built into the controller which allows playing on controllers instead of the TV screens! Compatibility with previous systems and accessories will make sure no die hard fan of this brand feels cheated by this new release. Camera and motion sensors have been added to the remote control to take the gaming experience to a higher level. Microphone and speaker system makes sure that there is no lag in coordination during both online and offline games. Gamers are squealing in delight at the very thought of owning this piece of highly sophisticated equipment but we will have to wait and see weather Nintendo does release Wii u on time or announces delays for which the company is quite notorious for.

6. Ps vita

Ps vita 
With worldwide sales satisfactory for the Psp Go, one would think that Sony would sit idle and reap the harvests from its latest addition to its already expanding directory of portable gaming gadgets. However, we have come to know that Sony is planning to drive the last nail in the competitors’ coffin by releasing yet another mind blowing gadget called Ps Vita. This console supports Wifi and 3G, much like the Nintendo 3Ds, and makes connectivity child’s play. A 5″ OLED multitouch capacitive touchscreen is planned which also receives feedback from a rear sensor as well as head detection and tracker to make playing the Ps Vita an unforgettable experience! Front and rear cameras, coupled with gyroscope and accelometer, guarantee full body involvement from head to toe! Internal ram has skyrocketed to 512Mb, which is more than 16 times than the original Psp! Improved loading times and faster game play is to be expected thanks to a 4 core graphics processing unit. A strange coincidence is that the Ps Vita is rumored to also act as a controller for the forthcoming PS3 which is quite similar to what Nintendo Wii u is offering. Only time can tell how the Nintendo Corporation takes this. Backward compatibility is yet to be announced.

5. Ipad HD

Ipad HD 
With more than 15 combinations to choose from, the current Ipad line up has already fulfilled all the requirements of users ranging from novice to professionals. Sufficient evidence has been gathered by various groups which proves that Apple Inc. still have another trick up their sleeves. The news of a new 9.7″ A5 powered Ipad called the Ipad HD has been making rounds on the internet for quite some time now. This has irked many users who rushed to the stores to buy the Ipad 2 a few moths ago. However, those who passed up on the Ipad 2 are now jumping with joy as they will make a better transition. Many claim that there was no major difference between the two Ipads except for Face time and was not a good buy. But this time around, apple has played their cards right by bringing Retina display over to Ipad HD. The stated 2048×1536 pixel display translates literally to four times the resolution from last time making it the third most wanted gadget. This feature sounds very fantastic but it bound to affect the overall battery timings as well as the introductory prices of these gadgets.

4. Motorola droid bionic 4g

Motorola droid bionic 4g 
The Motorola Droid Bionic 4G is experiencing popularity and wide spread interest like no other Motorola phone as far back as one can remember. It is a 4.3″ dual core LTE 4G capable of blazing internet speeds and a respectable battery backup time. This Android smart phone runs on Gingerbread 2.3.4.and supports a docking system for connecting other Motorola gadgets. It has become so popular than people claim that this phone is really the first true competitor of Iphone on technical as well as popularity basis. An HD version will also be launched which is capable of 720p video recording courtesy of its 8 Mp camera.1 Gb makes sure there are no hold ups during video streaming or internet browsing. Video chat is one of the newest features being offered and Motorola Droid bionic 4G is fully capable of supporting it. It stands at number 4 on the top 10 most awaited gadgets. Google has recently purchased Motorola Corporation.

3. Windows 8 PCs

Windows 8 PCs 
Microsoft and its Windows operating systems have always been in a love-hate relationship with its users. Although a sizable amount of users have migrated to Mac and other OS, Microsoft still dominates the market as well as the PCs of the majority of commercial and local setups. With the release of its latest operating system known as Windows 8 just around the corner, various screen shots and beta builds have constantly been leaked somehow to eager people waiting to get their hands on this latest milestone. Prominent features include a Ribbon interface with heavy use of Aero and brand new task manager features as well as other updated readers. Even though security was beefed up considerably after a few leaks, people continue to get info about the latest development of the project. Many believe that this OS will be a failure but many are hopeful of a better and more stable system. The fact that Windows 8 can even be used as a portable OS installed on a USB has opened up countless new applications for this release. All aspects are optimized for touch as well as other input methods and all this is offered for the same machines which run Windows 7! How it actually turns out will be found out soon. Currently it is the third most awaited technology of 2011.

2. Xbox 720

Xbox 720 
Microsoft is not intent on taking the news sitting down of major contenders on the verge of releasing newer consoles which can easily overshadow the Xbox 360 technically as well as in game play. However, Microsoft might be still sore from the $ 1 billion loss it incurred when it launched Xbox 360.Even with the Xbox 360 still going strong, the analysts started weighting all the options. Finally coming to a decision, Microsoft has decided to go public with the news of development of the Xbox 360′s successor, namely the Xbox 720.Landing on the second spot of the Top 10 most awaited gadgets list, it is sure to be loaded with features like high definition 3D features, multiple sensors for precision motion control, unrivaled graphics capability and an even faster game play. AI and physics of the next generation games under development for the Xbox 720 are said to be years ahead of others. Only a touchscreen controller seems to be lacking as all other competitors are sure to include this feature. Thanks to DirectX technology, Microsoft claims that normal game play will sport graphics and visuals no less than those seen in James Cameron’s epic “Avatar”! With such a huge claim of Xbox 720 capabilities, we are eagerly looking forward to its unveiling in the E3 2012.

1. Iphone 5

Iphone 5 
The number 1 spot of the Top 10 upcoming gadgets goes to none other than the well loved and much prized Apple Iphone. With the 4th generation doing phenomenal business everywhere, a new Iphone story has emerged. The reason Iphone is the most awaited upcoming gadget is that so little is known about it. With Retina Display and Face time as regular features, it is bound to also have PSD, Apples latest patented technology which is basically an anti-fingerprint technology. A projector integration may be in the making too. As regarding the shape, pictures seem to show a much thinner and partly teardrop shaped phone with a wider home button than the previous versions. Apple has really kept the lid on this one as not even the carriers have been notified of any development regarding these devices. Lastly, it is being claimed that this 4″ gadget will come out in black and white colors. Until apple officially makes any announcement, we will have to make do with all we can get our hands on and wait of the day when we can at least preorder our own Iphone 5!


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