How To Download And Install Android 3.2 Honeycomb On HTC Flyer.

We had earlier announced the release of the leaked Android 3.2 Honeycomb for HTC Flyer. Now in this tutorial we will give you detailed step by step instructions on how to Download and Install the Android 3.2 HoneyComb on HTC Flyer.

Before we go the tutorials and get you really excited about it we would just like to get your notice to these points :

  • This is not the Official Release by HTC so it cant be recommended to novice users.
  • This update can be recommended to an experienced expert only.
  • This trick is tried and tested on Euro WWE 32GB 3G Flyer so we cant say about other models.
  • Do NOT I repeat DO NOT run the RUU in its entirety nor the fastboot flash You will unintentionally make some irreversible changes to your device making it useless.
  • Be careful while for flashing any RUU or anything that could revert you to S-ON on a broken system.
  • We do not guarantee or take any responsibility of your device. You can proceed on your own risk. This is not a simple update procedure as it is very complex.

Now as we have warned about the possible damage that could be done to the device those who are still excited about getting the update can follow these simple steps :

Step 1 : First things first , download these files which you would need while doing the update.

Step 2: In this step you would need to Unlock your HTC Flyer’s bootloader using Revolutionary.

Step 3: Use the Android Debug Bride (ADB) to return to fastboot on your computer by the command

adb reboot bootloader

Step 4: You need to flash the HTC Flyers radio with the Honeycomb Radio you have downloaded in step 1 by using the folowing command in fastboot

fastboot flash radio stock-hc-flyer-radio.img

Step 5 : Flash your devices Boot Image with the Honeycombs boot image you have downloaded in Step1 by following command.

fastboot flash boot stock-hc-flyer-boot.img

Step 6: Now you need to boot into ClockworkMod Recovery and navigate to bootloader > recovery and use the following ADB commands .

adb push stock-hc-flyer-hboot_1.11.0006.nb0 / && adb shell dd if=/stock-hc-flyer-hboot_1.11.0006.nb0 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18

Step 7: Now as you have updated your bootloader you now need to reboot into it by using the commands :

adb reboot bootloader

Step 8: Now this is a lenghty step. You need to unlock the locked bootloader for the HTC Flyer by going through the HTC bootloader unlocking process. You can go though the detailed step-by step tutorial by going to HTC’s dev website.

Step 9: In this step you need you flash your devices recovery with the recovery you have already doenloaded in step 1. You can use the following command to do so.

fastboot flash recovery revolutionary-cwm-

Step 10: Boot into ClockworkMod Recovery. Navigate to bootloader > recovery and you need to flash the Honeycomb system using the following command.

adb shell mount /sdcard && adb push /sdcard/

Step 11: Now go to the ClockworkMod Recovery’s main menu and navigate to wipe data/factory rese and you need to follow the instructions as prompted and navigate to advanced > wipe dalvik cache to delete dalvik cache.

Step 12 : The easiest step by now just Reboot ! and enjoy.

Thats it !! You are all done if you have successfully completed all these steps. Share your experience about Honeycomb by commentingn below.


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